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CEED projects demonstrate that economic and environmental decisions can work hand in hand to foster economic vitality and an improved quality of life.

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CEED has a wide variety of projects that all share at least one common characteristic: they each, in some way, invite members of the local community to share in the project's development. CEED's success builds on its ability to draw upon the talents and enthusiasm of local and regional partners and to nurture these attributes by providing innovative outlets for their application.

CEED Projects Overview

Arts & Environment Initiative
Ecological Education Initiative
Environmental Health Initiative
Environmental Writing

Local Foods Network
Strategic Environmental Management
Sustainable Communities
Sustainable Forestry Project
Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative

Arts & Environment Initiative

Project website: http://ceed.allegheny.edu/A&EI/rootpage.html

The Arts & Environment Initiative uses art to beautify our environment and promote regional revitalization. Through community partnerships we identify environmental problems and opportunities, and then design and implement solutions to revitalize our community, while highlighting the environment as a tool for community and economic development.

Project Director:
Amara Geffen

Professor of Art


Project website: http://naturetourism.allegheny.edu/

The Ecotourism Project works with the community, government agencies and tourism-related businesses to promote nature tourism in Crawford County, northwestern Pennsylvania, and the Great Lakes region.

Project Director:
Richard D. Bowden

Professor of Environmental Science
(814) 332-2869

Environmental Education Initiative

Project website: http://ceed.allegheny.edu/eei.html

The Environmental Education Initiative promotes ecological literacy through collaborative efforts that integrate systems thinking, resource management, and community development.

Project Director:
TJ Eatmon

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
(814) 332-2506

Environmental Health Initiative

Project website: webpub.allegheny.edu/employee/c/cwaggett/hhhc/

The Environmental Health Initiative surveys the risks and assesses the damage of environmental factors on the health of the community. The initiative currently is researching the incidence of lead poisoning among regional children and collaborating with social service agencies to raise awareness about this health risk.

Project Director:
Caryl E. Waggett

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
(814) 332-2715

Environmental Writing

Project website: http://frenchcreekjournal.allegheny.edu

The Environmental Writing Project forms partnerships with other colleges to publish undergraduate creative writing and art focused on nature and environmental topics in a juried, online journal, French Creek: The Journal of Undergraduate Environmental Writing and Art.

Project Director:
Kerry Bakken

Assistant Professor of English
(814) 332-4339

Local Foods Network (LFN)

Project website: http://ceed.allegheny.edu/lfn/

The Local Foods Network works with area farmers who sell a variety of locally grown foodstuffs. The network facilitates cooperation among local producers, local markets and consumers to support a diverse and healthy food network.


(814) 332-2713

Strategic Environmental Management Initiative (SEM)

Project website: http://ceed.allegheny.edu/sem/

The Strategic Environmental Management Initiative works with area businesses to reduce costly waste streams and reinvent and promote the use of sustainable products and production processes.

Project Director:
Donald Goldstein

Professor of Economics
(814) 332-3340

Sustainable Communities

Project website: http://ceed.allegheny.edu/sc/

CEED has taken the lead in developing Meadville, PA: Not Your Run of the Mill Community, a project that places our natural assets, primarily Mill Run, an historically significant stream that winds its way through Meadville, at the heart of community and economic development efforts. CEED also has mobilized economic development stakeholders in support of a Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) for Crawford County and northwestern Pennsylvania. Through these and other college and community initiatives, we are working to transform Meadville and Crawford County into models of economic, ecological and social sustainability.

Project Director:
Amara Geffen
Professor of Art
(814) 332-3379

Sustainable Forestry Project

Project website: http://ceed.allegheny.edu/nwpsf/

The Northwest Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Project brings local forest landowners and forestry professionals together to promote better forest management. In addition to improving woodlot management practices, the project seeks to substantially increase the economic contribution of the wood products industry in this region.

Project Director:
Terrence Bensel

Associate Professor of Environmental Science
(814) 332-2787

Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative

Project website: http://ceed.allegheny.edu/smi/

The Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative works directly with local industry, specifically tool and die companies, to research, identify and solve challenges relating to their ability to be competitive and successful.

Project Director:
Stephen Onyeiwu

Assistant Professor of Economics
(814) 332-3338

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