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CEED projects demonstrate that economic and environmental decisions can work hand in hand to foster economic vitality and an improved quality of life.

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Campus Environmental Responsibility

Working toward a sustainable campus. Working toward a sustainable world.

Since its inception in 1997 CEED has been an advocate for developing campus programs that allow us to practice what we preach on our home turf. Allegheny's commitment to environmental responsibility demonstrates how to be "green" across campus with organic landscaping, an on-campus composter for food waste, and the opening of North Village, a green-residential hall. CEED Project Directors, many of whom teach in the Environmental Science department, and their students have been important drivers for many of these projects, including adoption of Environmental Guiding Principles for the College.

The hiring of Sustainability Coordinator Kelly Boulton in 2008 has allowed the College to maintain the momentum towards sustainability, Check out Allegheny College's environmental initiatives at http://sites.allegheny.edu/green/

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Last update: 1 August 2010