Since 2000 the Arts & Environment Initiative has implemented numerous community and environmental art projects born from Not Your Run Of The Mill Community. Many of these projects are strategically placed to highlight Mill Run, an important tributary to French Creek which is largely buried beneath city streets. Mill Run is also important in that is shaped both the physical landscape in Meadville and influenced the city's economic development.

When taken together, many of these art works collectively form an Urban Art Trail, beginning at Interstate 79, through the gateway into Meadville at the PennDOT garage and into and through the city of Meadville.

Our most recent addition to this emerging Urban Art Trail is the Blue Box Renaissance, a collaborative project initiated by the Meadville Tribune. Through this project, Tribune distribution racks are transformed into functional works of art and are placed throughout the central business district at key points along Mill Run. For more information click here.

Art along the Urban Art Trail
Locations of Blue Box Renaissance boxes