Highlighting of Mill Run

A stream runs through downtown Meadville, but you might not know it. Mill Run sneaks through the city, flowing through underground culverts beneath streets and buildings, occasionally emerging in a few areas. In order to make the invisible more visible, CEED interns painted designs on the streets of Meadville to highlight areas where Mill Run flows through the city. The highlighting of the stream is part of "Mill Run: Not Your Run of the Mill Community", a larger initiative aimed at unifying recent downtown revitalization efforts.

CEED Interns who worked on this project include Gretchen Wood '12, Teresa Bensel '12, Matt Reilly '11 and Emma Cook '12.


CEED engages Allegheny College students, faculty and the community in creating innovative approaches to environmental stewardship, environmental education and regional revitalization. For additional information about CEED or Meadville, PA: Not Your Run of the Mill Community, contact Amara Geffen.