Project Partners: Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, City of Meadville, Allegheny College

Arts & Environment Initiative: Community Arts Projects

The Community Arts Project uses art as a medium to create a sense of place and to make community stories visible in the Meadville area.


During Summer 2010, students painted aquatic designs on the streets of Meadville to highlight areas where Mill Run flows through the city. Most of the stream is concealed as it passes beneath downtown Meadville.

FLUID MOTION: The 2007 City of Meadville's Business District Action Plan identified the Water and Arch Street intersection as a gateway to the City. Consequently, the city garage located near this intersection provided the space to make a public statement about Meadville’s identity to the world. CEED facilitated design and fabrication of a signart mural that celebrates and highlights Mill Run, which flows beneath the parking garage.

Created with support from Allegheny College and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful by CEED Intern Jude Shingle '08.

MARKET ALLEY MURAL designed by Berry Breene '07 and funded by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and a gift from the Richards Family, celebrates Meadville and Mill Run. The 12' x 73' is located on the Hovis Annex Building on Park Avenue near Chestnut and Park Streets and was implemented as a community "Painting - Bee" bringing inter-generational groups in to assist in the painting. View Market Alley Mural press release.

was designed and fabricated for Voodoo Brewery on Arch Street, adjacent to Mill Run. The project represents our first efforts to revitalize this site along Mill Run adjacent to Pocket Park. Completed in 2007, this project was created by KPB intern Josh Dracup '07 with support from Allegheny College and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB).