Suggested Websites Art & Environment

Organizations The Ashden Directory brings together environmentalism and performing arts. The website provides news, interviews and reviews, as well as a searchable directory of companies, performers, storytellers and artists who work with environmental themes. There is also an exhaustive list of current and historical productions. The Ashden Directory is a project of The Ashden Trust one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts (Radical approaches to restoring the earth) (Women Artists Directory) (Fantastic site on environmental art and artists!) (Michigan State U – site for eco-footprints of campuses) (Great resource on practices and theories of environmental art) (Betsy Damon’s work with water international artist – cool!) (Forecast is a Minneapolis based public art group) (Phoenix Arts project – interstate overpass) (Phoenix Arts – sewage treat. plant – Michael Singer) (International Sculpture Center) (Public Art Network)


Artists websites (eco or environmentally motivated) (Christo and Jeanne Claude) (Eduardo Kac) (Aviva Rahmani) (Joseph Beuys, 7000 Oaks) (Lynne Hull) (Susan L. Steinman) (Patricia Johanson) (Buster Simpson) (Mel Chin) (Lily Yeh) (Lily Yeh) (Village of Arts and Humanities) (Tom Otterness) (Ann Rosenthal – go to section on ecoart/teaching – good stuff! Plus her projects are wonderful!) (Platform – a multi team artist approach to cultural and environmental change via radical art actions) The range of blogs in this list cover everything from accounting and finance to public policy.